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Denuo Novo STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS™ First Order™ Stormtrooper Armor Kit - What’s In the Box?

Denuo Novo STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS™ First Order™ Stormtrooper Armor Kit - What’s In the Box?

So who has ever wanted to be a First Order stormtrooper? If you’ve seen the movies or been to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, there is nothing more memorable than getting to see these faceless, armor clad troopers in person. For those ever wondering what it would be like to step into the uniform…we have the kit for that!


This segment is the first of many that will take you through what’s in the box. Later excerpts in this multi-blog series will start preparing you for what to expect, what should be in your tool bag, and actual construction tips. We hope to bring you some fascinating tips from expert builders and look to share what you’ve done as we take this incredible journey together.

What’s in the Box:

The First Order Armor Kit Components and some notes:

Stormtrooper Kit
  1. This kit will feature the above ABS armor plastic pieces, minimally trimmed. All hard armor pieces are accounted for, including the blaster holster and thermal detonator (not pictured).  Each piece will feature enough plastic selvage to adjust and trim the armor specifically to your body’s size, (after all, we’re not each other’s clone.)

  2. Functional Fabric pouches and assembled rubber belt are provided.

  3. Comfortable and non-range limiting Fabric gaskets will be provided.

  4. A “Sack of building” will provide velcro strips and hardware necessary to finish the kit. No tools will be provided, but a collection of screws will get you the most basic build. For more anticipated or unanticipated customization, you will have to run to your local hardware store to get additional supplies.

  5. A general assembly guide is available on the Denuo Novo website.. Link HERE Note that this is a general assembly guide on how the pieces assemble and mate to each other. Again, for specific body customization, you may have to trim, shim and augment here and there to get the fit just right for you.

  6. What is NOT in the kit: Shoes, helmet, gloves, neckseal and undersuit. Neckseals are currently available (ORDER HERE). Helmet and other accessories will be available at a later date.

All together you should have enough to cover the essentials to start your build into the becoming a stormtrooper. In our next piece of this series, we are going to cover The Gotta Haves vs Nice to Haves - excerpts pulled from some professional Stormtrooper builders out there who have done and seen it all themselves!

Stay tuned and sign up for more updates from The Lore.

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