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Join Gabe Estrada and Denuo Novo Brand Manager Mark Von Ohlen as they take a closer look at our STAR WARS™ Customizable X-wing Helmet. You can pre-order your Customizable X-wing Helmet from Denuo Novo, and see our full line of customizable kits here. For more on Gabe Estrada, check out our previous spotlight article, where he talks about the Denuo Novo STAR WARS Jango Fett™ Kamino™ Helmet. 

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  Join Brand Manager Mark Von Ohlen on the Road to Celebration as he discusses details about the Denuo Novo X-wing Helmet Accessories Collection!   STAR WARS™ Luke Skywalker™ Red-5 Rebel Pilot X-wing Helmet Accessory STAR WARS™ Gold Leader™ X-wing Helmet Accessory STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE™ General Merrick™ Blue Leader™ Helmet Accessory STAR WARS™ Red Leader™ X-wing Helmet Accessory STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS™ Rey™ Salvaged X-wing Helmet Accessory  

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Let Mark Von Ohlen take you on a tour of the Denuo Novo booth at New York Comic Con. Walk with Mark as he shows you the wide variety of high end Star Wars helmets and costumes that Denuo Novo has to offer. Also you’ll get a sneak peak of the 1989 Batman Cowl prototype!

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