BY: Denuo Novo Design Studio - Wed, Dec 07, 22

Imperial Officers - Build The Look!

DENUO NOVO is proud to offer STAR WARS™ Imperial Officer uniform tunics, pants, hats, belts and more!

Occupying various leadership roles in the Army and Navy of the Galactic Empire, most Imperial officers wore either black or olive green uniforms and caps. The Imperial Officer uniform is featured throughout STAR WARS™ history and highlighted in films and debuting in STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE™ and appearing in the original trilogy films, STAR WARS REBELS™ and ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY™.

Build your look from the character choices below:
- Director Krennic
- Grand Admiral Thrawn
- Grand Moff Tarkin (Olive/Gray)
- Junior Level Imperial Officer (Black)

Select your tunic, pants, hat, badge, belt and cape to complete your look. 

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