BY: Denuo Novo Design Studio - Mon, Oct 18, 21

Two Months Of Denuo Novo & What's Coming Soon

It's been two months since the launch of Denuo Novo, the new licensee for high-end STAR WARS costumes and collectibles! 

In the two months since launch, Denuo Novo released the following STAR WARS products: 

Helmet accessories:
- Imperial Royal Guard Helmet
- First Order Flametrooper Helmet
- Rogue One Shoretrooper Helmet
- The Mandalorian Helmet
- Elite Praetorian Guard Helmet
 - Rogue One AT-ACT Driver Helmet

Costume accessories:
- Imperial Officer Hat in Black
- Imperial Officer Hat in Olive/Gray
- Han Solo Signature Line Shirt
- Han Solo Signature Line Vest
- Han Solo Signature Line Pants
- Han Solo Belt
- Han Solo Belt Buckle
- Han Solo "The Force Awakens" Leather Jacket

See the collection here: 

Coming soon to Denuo Novo:
- Imperial Officer Belt and Belt Buckle
- Luke Skywalker Rebel Pilot X-wing Helmet
- Rey Salvaged X-wing Helmet
- Gold Leader X-wing Helmet
- Red Leader X-wing Helmet
- Blue Leader General Merrick X-wing Helmet 

If you have any of these items on back-order, please contact and we will look up your details.