BY: Denuo Novo Design Studio - Tue, Dec 14, 21

Rey Salvaged X-wing Helmet Pre-Order Now Available!

DENUO NOVO is proud to offer the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS™ Rey™ Salvaged X-wing Helmet Accessory.

Rey is a force-sensitive scavenger who lives on the planet of Jakku™ in an AT-AT™ walker toppled near the outskirts of the Graveyard of Ships. The salvaged X-wing helmet is one of the many items she has scavenged while trying to survive in the hostile desert.

This helmet accessory was recreated using reference of the original screen-used production asset. This helmet is ready to wear and features Jakku desert weathered finish with Tierfon Yellow Aces markings, dual comlink booms, and lined interior with earcup cushions.

Please note that most Denuo Novo helmets fit up to a size 8 US hat size.

This is not a toy.  Not suitable for children. Does not offer protection.

This helmet accessory is expected to start shipping to customers in Q1 2022. 

If you have a helmet on back-order, please email with your name, address, phone number and order number.