BY: Denuo Novo Design Studio - Fri, Sep 16, 22

Clone Trooper Clean Helmet In Stock

IN STOCK NOW - DENUO NOVO STAR WARS™ Clone Trooper Phase II Clean Helmet Accessory.

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At the time of their introduction, the Republic clone troopers represented the future of galactic warfare. Far superior to battle droids, the clone troopers formed the backbone of the Republic's new military that waged war against the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. So symbolic were they of the times, the galaxy-wide conflict that saw their debut took its name from their ranks: the Clone Wars.

After multiple engineering iterations and field testing, this helmet has been optimized as a one piece construction that will meet both demanding expectations of costuming and long-term durability. Original digital assets were referenced in the creation of this product, which has been altered slightly to fit a human head.

-The outer shell is made of fiberglass and features a clean paint finish for a 'fresh-off-the-line look.
-Helmet interior is fully lined for a finished appearance.
-Helmet size adjustment system ensures a comfortable and secure fit.
-Helmet fits up to a size 8 US hat size.

This version of the helmet accessory features NO weathering deco. DENUO NOVO offers a WEATHERED version of the STAR WARS™ Clone Trooper Phase II Helmet Accessory HERE.

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