BY: Denuo Novo Design Studio - Tue, May 09, 23

Boba Fett Z-6 Assembled Jetpack on Pre-Order Now

DENUO NOVO is proud to offer the STAR WARS™ Boba Fett™ Z-6 Assembled Jetpack for Pre-Order.

With his customized Mandalorian armor and deadly weaponry, Boba Fett was once regarded as one of the most fearsome and capable bounty hunters in the galaxy. The Z-6 Jetpack was the preferred jetpack of Mandalorian™ commandos across the galaxy, from the more organized sects like Death Watch to the outliers on the fringe like Boba Fett and Jango Fett. They were fast and nimble and could maintain sustained flights as well as short bursts for tactical advantages in combat. The jetpacks could be equipped with a top-loaded rocket firing missile that could turn the tide in many a conflict.

This is the unpainted, assembled version of the Z-6 Jetpack.

You can also purchase a build-it-yourself Kit HERE, which allows for greater customization options. Components of the kit can be used to build one configuration of a Mandalorian jetpack in either Z-6 grappling missile version as worn by Boba Fett or the JT-12 shorter warhead missile version as worn by Jango Fett.

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This item is expected to be in stock in Q3 (July-September) 2023.

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